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Select the Perfect Pointe Shoes at Beam & Barre

Getting the correct fit for your pointe shoes is essential to preventing strain and potential injury. Core strength, proper alignment and positioning of the foot in the shoe are just a few of the elements we assess when finding the best shoe for you. If you have an injury or are recovering from one, please let us know. You may need a different strength shoe than you normally wear. We may have recommendations for you to help ease your recovery while you continue your doctor’s protocol.

You can now schedule your pointe shoe fitting appointment by calling us or using the contact form on our website. Allow us 24 hours to confirm your appointment if made by email. Walk-ins are still welcome, although appointments are highly recommended and eliminate waiting.

Serving Westchester & Fairfield County Dancers

Expert fittings are done by our owner, Cara Milo, store manager Gretchen Kraus, and assistant store manager Kristine Liwag. We are classically trained ballet dancers who have been educated by internationally recognized dancers. We use our combined experience and knowledge to give you a personalized fitting. We listen to, understand and cater to each individual dancer's specific needs in a pointe shoe. Fittings generally take approximately 30 - 45 minutes. 
We'll Help Find the Right Dance Shoes For You!
First time students, congratulations! This is a big step. We will be happy to fit you with your teacher’s approval. Mom & Dad, feel free to take pictures; this is a big day! If you have had pointe shoes already, please bring your last pair of pointe shoes with you, so that we can get an even better understanding of how your shoes break in and what your needs are in a new shoe. If you are looking to try on a variety of shoes to get an idea, and are not ready to purchase a pair, that’s okay. We’re glad to loan you our expertise. There is a fitting fee of $30 for these appointments in lieu of purchase.

Take your new shoes to class un-sewn for your teacher’s inspection and instruction on how he/she prefers you to position the ribbon and elastic. We can exchange unworn shoes in the condition they were sold in.
Pointe Shoe Sewing
We now offer pointe shoe sewing for $20 and up, depending on turnaround time and how detailed the sewing is. Ballet slippers can be sewn for $10.
Special Ordering
While we stock a large variety of pointe shoes to accommodate as many dancers as we can, we may not carry a shank strength, size or style that you prefer. We are happy to special order for you. Just let us know. We are constantly assessing makers and styles to ensure we have the best made shoes in stock to suit the needs of our customers.  
Loyalty Program
As a way of saying thanks for your loyalty, after the purchase of your first pair of pointe shoes, you get 10% off all of your pointe shoes going forward.

For members of the original Buy 10 Full Price/Get 1 Free Loyalty Plan, you can continue toward your free pair or opt to get 10% off immediately. 

Try on a variety of shoes to get an idea if you are not ready to purchase a pair. There is a fitting fee for these appointments: $30 in lieu of purchase.
Thank You for Choosing Beam & Barre!
Thanks for coming to us! We know you have choices and we’d like to remain at the top of your list! As an involved member of the local dance community, we’re glad to provide 30 years and counting of service to a passionate and committed group.

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