​Maddie Iulo: Getting to Know a Beam & Barre Beauty+

​Maddie Iulo: Getting to Know a Beam & Barre Beauty+

Photos: Sarah Starling


Maddie Iulo is only 13, but is already a passionate dancer who enjoys learning repertoire, studying dance history, and helping kids express themselves through dance. She currently trains at New England Academy of Dance (NEAD) in New Canaan, CT, and is also working to expand her artistic talents by assisting local dance photographer, Sarah Starling. This summer, she had plans to attend Boston Ballet School’s Summer Dance Program, and despite changes due to COVID-19, Maddie remains steadfast in her dedication to training, even in quarantine!


I asked Maddie, one of our Beam & Barre Beauty+ brand ambassadors, a few questions to get to know her better!


What have you been working on this summer?

My most recent project is a showcase my studio is doing at the end of the summer! I plan on performing two variations- Aurora’s friends from The Sleeping Beauty and Kitri act 3 variation from Don Quixote.


When did you decide to seriously study ballet, and what are some of your favorite parts of dancing or goals for your future?

I knew I wanted to become a dancer when I started performing! I love the artistry part of dance and no matter where I end up, performing is one of my top priorities. I would love to be part of a large company, like Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, or San Francisco Ballet.


What has been your most memorable performance so far?

NEAD performs The Nutcracker every year, and it’s always been my favorite. I played Clara two years ago and it was hands down my favorite role ever. I love all the acting in it!


What have you been doing during quarantine to stay motivated and connected to dance?

I have been bike riding to stay in shape! I have also been using my roller every day to roll out my legs and back! I love to watch movies and stretch; it helps motivate me!


What brand of pointe shoes do you wear?

I have been on pointe for 3 years now and have switched through a lot of pointe shoes, but right now I’m obsessed with my Suffolks! They are Suffolk Stellars, and I love to custom them with a hard shank.


Who are your favorite dancers or artists?

I love lots of dancers, but my favorites right now have been Isabella Boylston, and Skylar Brandt. I love taking the Cindies ballet class on Instagram (Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside aka “The Cindies” have been hosting virtual classes almost every day during quarantine!) and watching Skylar turn! They are both so incredibly talented!!


What has been your favorite purchase from Beam & Barre?

I obviously love my pointe shoes from Beam & Barre, but I’m in love with my Capezio leg warmers! I wear them every day!


Do you have any shows or upcoming events in the fall or after quarantine to look forward to?

NEAD is going to try and do a modified version of The Nutcracker, which I’m so excited for!


Final thoughts from Maddie: One of my biggest goals in life is to make a difference in the world no matter how small, and I think through dance I could really accomplish that. I love making people feel something when I dance and helping kids express themselves through dance.

You can follow Maddie on Instagram @maddieiuloballet


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