What is Nikolay?

What is Nikolay?

Beam & Barre is looking for Nikolay Market Influencers! This seems like a good time to clarify- what exactly is Nikolay?


In my last post, I briefly mentioned that Nikolay is the brand name for Grishko in the United States (I also mentioned that they will be offering multiple shades of nude in their pointe shoe collection!). So why the new name? According to the new Nikolay website, the original Grishko brand pointe shoes were manufactured in Russia. The former distributor of Grishko pointe shoes in the US was selling shoes that were manufactured in China, not following the production practices from the original Russian factories. After a lawsuit, Grishko decided to rebrand as “Nikolay” in the United States with new distribution- using Nikolay Grishko’s first name to symbolize a new beginning and openness with customers here.


So what does this really mean?


If you use Grishko products and buy them within the United States, make sure they have the Nikolay label. This ensures that they come from the original Grishko factories in Russia and meet their standards for quality. Nikolay’s website includes a map of their current retailers across the country- including Beam & Barre- where you can shop and try out Nikolay products. Most of the products will be the same as what we have seen from Grishko previously, with one name change of their best selling pointe shoe- now called 3007- which will feature a few small changes. Two improvements Nikolay is adding to their pointe shoes include a change that they claim will create an easier roll through and a suede heel to prevent slipping.


Even though the products will remain largely the same, it is a good idea to go to a retailer and try on your pointe shoes again, just to see if you like these improvements to the shoes.


If you fall in love with Nikolay pointe shoes, are over 13 years old, and active on social media, you can also apply through your local retailer to be a Nikolay Market Influencer! Get fit in your Nikolay pointe shoes and then post a dance photo explaining why you want to be a Nikolay Market Influencer. Nikolay Market Influencers will receive free gifts from Nikolay!


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