Destira Children's B' Dazzled Gymnastics Leotard

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A Kip, a Cartwheel, and a Full Twist: what do they have in common? They all require great form. You pay attention to all the details: pointed toes, straight arms and legs, and tight control throughout your body. Our B’ Dazzled leotard will let every tiny nuance get the attention it deserves. B’ Dazzled is constructed of a gorgeous foil fabric that has a shattered glass effect. Purple, pink, and silver radiate with a magical hologram sparkle. Pure glamour that’ll let every detail shine bright.

  • The Perfect Tank styling is designed for comfort and superior mobility. It’s a timeless classic that works for every workout.
  • The body is constructed from “hologram” fabric which is a favorite for its glamorous beauty. Hologram has a liquid shine that glows and sparkles, and adds remarkable depth to colors.
  • Hologram is a shiny metallic fabric with a breathable four-way stretch.
  • Matching scrunchie included.

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