Suffolk Reign Pointe Shoe

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New from Suffolk! In partnership with master pointe shoe craftsman in Russia, Suffolk is proud to release a new Russian collection of pointe shoes that meet the needs of a wide range of dancers that choose to dance with Suffolk.

The Suffolk Reign Pointe Shoes are made on the most universal Russian last. They have a low profile and wide platform that slightly tapers to suit a wide variety of foot shapes. The ultra-sleek, pleatless platform gives an elegant line to the toe box. The pre-arched construction of the shoe allows the shank to contour to the foot and minimizes break-in. The unique full leather sole with grooved stitching provides a flat, stable bottom.

Additional featured of the Suffolk Reign Pointe Shoes include:
• Innovative shank technology allows seamless roll through
• Sound absorbing platform for noise reduction and stability
• Only Russian collection with a thick natural leather outersole to accentuate the arch
• Outersole has grooved stitching to increase longevity of the shoe
• Sole sits flatter on the floor to minimize rocking
• Medium compressibility

Made in Russia.

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