Solemates Deodorizer Spray

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The Deodorizer is an all natural solution to eliminate the bacteria that forms in footwear or anywhere. Bacteria is what causes shoes to smell...we know, gross.  Our product removes bacteria and what remains are great smelling shoes. 

  • Dries quickly and removes gross odors
  • Baby powder scented
  • Made with natural ingredients and without harsh chemicals
  • Spray directly into shoe before or after wearing
  • Fantastic for shoes that are worn without socks/tights
  • Amazing for kids shoes, Pointe Shoes & sneakers (for kids of all ages)
  • Gym bags, Dance bags, and anything where moisture and bacteria gather
  • Produced in a solar-powered facility in southern California
  • Bottled using recycled materials
  • Cruelty Free + Paraben-Free


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