Nikolay Ladies' M-75N Low cut Warm-up Booties Opal

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Soft felt lining interior. Heel counter prevents slipping and keeps the bootie in place.
Booties are designed especially for wearing with pointe shoes, they are a perfect tool to shape pointe shoes to the dancer’s foot with the natural heat of the body

breathable, but cozy and warm; soft and comfortable while maintaining their shape for over 40 machine wash cycles. With the faux leather outsole, as dancers need to walk between classes and backstage, our booties are semi-waterproof and will be more than sufficient to protect your shoes and feet from the elements.

Our booties are also designed with pointe shoes in mind. Use them to properly warm up the box with the natural heat of your foot. The binding featured on every pair is strong and will last even after being used en-pointe.

- Non- slip cushioned sole for optimal comfort.
- Perfect tension from the toggle bolt is secure.
- Wearable over pointe shoes with the perfect shape match.

SHELL: Waterproof, 100% polyester
PADDING: 100% polyester
LINING: 100% polyester
SOLE: Anti-slip faux leather

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