Nikolay Novice 2007 Pointe Shoe (Sale)

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The first pointe shoes for advancing preparatory pointe shoes. 3 Step Novice (from 10 years and up)

Recommended for advancing beginners (kids and adults)
- 2/3 box guarantees reduced pressure on the forefront.
- Soft shank allows easier roll up from demi-pointe to full pointe.
- Allows elements of pointe work at the barre and in the center of classroom except complicated like fouette.

Recommended for advancing begginers (kids and adults).

- 2/3 softer and adjustable box guarantees less pressure on the forefoot, preventing pain and foot deformation.
- Allows to adopt and train the foot for en-pointe elements without the barre.
- Similar to professional pointe shoes but with super soft shank to train the arch.
- Safe and comfortable way to en-pointe work.

The ideal choice for beginners learning to stand on pointe, especially with the super soft shank SS.

LAST TYPE: 2007 (The last can be choosen on request)
BOX SHAPE: Slightly tapered
VAMP: U-cut, Medium
SOLE: Machine-stitched / Hand made
SIZES: 0,5 — 7,5
BOX: 2/3
Upper material: ballet pink satin

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