Nikolay Triumph Pointe Shoes

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The satin "Triumph" pointe shoe was created based on the customizations most requested by world-famous ballerinas, with a broad platform, handmade, extra-flat sole of special anti-slip leather, lower heel fabric, and 3/4-length shank with an innovative roll-through design. Triumph is lightweight and supportive, with a medium-height U-shaped vamp and very slightly tapered box. 

- Flat and stable medium platform, balanced by hand
- The smart paste recalls and assumes the shape of the foot after the first pointework
- One of most desirable styles in the pointe shoe line
- The heel is 5 mm lower than in Fouette
- Wider platform makes for easier balance
- Lightness and durability with to new elastic glue
- Stability of shape due to a double upper and longer supportive wings.

LAST TYPE: Fouette
BOX SHAPE: Slightly tapered
VAMP: U-cut, Medium
SOLE: Hand-stitched
SIZES: 0,5 — 9
SOLE: leather
Upper materials: ballet pink satin

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