R-Class R-Class RC47 Iridescence Pointe Shoes (Suede Tip)

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Base model of RC40 design. RC47 Microfiber tip
Pleatless pointe shoes by R-Class have shallower crowns that lift the dancer high in the shoe and stitched soles for wonderful durability and stabilization. 
  • RC40 – Iridescence: Similar shape as RC30 with more volume in the box and less volume in the heel
– wide platform
– medium crown
– medium arch
– wide heel
– large box
– U-cut, drawstring
– Elegant pleatless pointe shoes
– Unique ultra-sleek design
– Innovative durable sole construction
– Inner and outer soles machine stitched together to improve strength
– Embegged sole stitching to increase longevity
– Natural materials
– Fine duplicated satin
– Super light weight
– New color
– Durable pointe shoes
Sizes 210 – 225 have width 1 – 5
Sizes 230 – 285 have width 1 – 6
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