RP Collection Radiance U-Cut with Drawstring Pointe Shoes

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All sizes feature Vamp 2.

Working from the versatility and unsurpassed popularity of Rubin, comes the next generation – Rubin Radiance. Made on the original Rubin last with the same box shape, Rubin Radiance flaunts dazzling new features. A narrower heel cut allows for a sleeker fit, while a suede tip at the platform provides improved traction and durability. Rubin Radiance features a 3/4 shank, and double-lined satin gives the pointe shoe more structure. Like the original Rubin, Rubin Radiance's low crown, pre-arched construction, wide platform and slightly tapered box combine to suit a variety of foot shapes.

- 3/4 shank
- Narrow heel
- Low crown
- Wide platform
- Slightly tapered box
- Suede tip at platform
- Pre-arched construction
- Double-lined satin

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