SoDanca EK Shank Flexible Insert for Pointe Shoes

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With built-in Elektra Tech technology, customizing your So Danca Alegria or Joy II Pointe Shoes is as easy as changing your shoes! Simply pull back the heel cup to reveal the shank housing and insert a different shank.

Interchangeable shanks, of different strengths, allow the dancer to control the support of each foot. Shank strength can vary between feet. It can be customized for different variations or performances. It can be adjusted to help with injury recovery, or increased as the dancer grows in strength and ability. It makes the shoes appropriate for those new to pointe all the way to professional ballerinas. From barre to center and Giselle to Paquita, Elektra Tech has you covered!

Made from an advanced thermoplastic material, Elektra Tech Shanks offer durability that cannot be achieved with a traditional shoe. There is no break-in or break-down period, and your shoes will be ready to dance immediately. That means the peak of pointe perfection (that precise moment when we love our shoes) is much longer - in fact, you will experience it the moment you put on the shoes and maintain it until you have to get a new pair!

Two shanks included per package.

Note that these shanks are compatible with the So Danca Alegria and Joy II pointe shoe models only.

There are 4 shank strengths - Flex, Firm, Ultra Firm, and Super Ultra Firm. There are also 4 reinforcement lengths - O (none), I (45%), III (55%), V (75%) and X (full). Choose the combination that best meets your needs, or purchase additional shanks to use for different purposes. They can easily be interchanged!

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